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Katie Rose: Topheavy Chef


In nowadays’s vignette of Topheavy Chef, Katie Rose is within the kitchen and well-prepped to amaze you. “As of late I will be able to demonstrate you my fave meal,” Katie says. “I feel you can adore it too. The principle factor is that I do not fall.”

It is a highly elementary and interesting meal to get ready. It is only a banana that Katie performs with inbetween her huge Eartha Kitts and in her gullet. Some bananas have all of the good fortune.

If there are any banana-eating spring break-style contests in Katie’s the city, little darling must come in them. Daughter’d win evidently.

Katie does not fall however little darling does do a plenty of of ground paintings. Daughter has a ability for oral have fun.

When Katie offers a bf a inhale task, does little darling slobber or gulp?

“I gulp.”

Date: July 27, 2023

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