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The Treasure Torso Of Mer


E book? What e-book? Mer’s bountiful boobs and her adorable face are all someone bottom observe. The redhaired ultra-cutie places her e-book away so we bottom investigate how stripling flaps and jiggles her hefty, blowable Mobutus.

Mer unclothes her footwear and reaches for a fake penis the scale of a cafe pepper grinder, places it inbetween her chebs and shoehorns it into her lady flower, operating it in deeper and deeper. It is jizz time for Mer.

“I enjoy to see girl-on-girl smut or 3somes,” mentioned Mer. “After I do, I love to jerk with my stimulating playthings or phat fuck sticks. When I’ve sex act, I would like supreme oral sex act first-ever. I choose a highly superior dude as a result of I’m passive. He must make an effort to smooch my entire figure all over the place prior to we now have sex act. Position-playing is joy from time to time, too. What sort of role-playing would swimsuit my seems to be and persona?”

Date: November 6, 2023

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